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Elder Law College


Elder Law College offers the most comprehensive, detailed and accelerated training available. ELC offers world-class training, graduate level courses and ongoing support to help each student forge a better, more holistic, more profitable practice where they can do well by doing good.

ELC’s 360º Practice Builder Conference is currently approved for CLE credit in most states.

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Decision Vault


Swap your intake forms out for an intake portal where you can collaborate with your clients on the inputs to their estate plan, then sync the contacts over in full detail to Interactive LegalSuite Online in seconds.

Create a questionnaire for each of your different practice areas – keeping all your intake in one place. Sync a matter and all the contacts the client entered over to Interactive LegalSuite Online. Sync matters and contacts to your Case Management system and CRM. Export the structured asset inventory to Excel – to create funding instructions or checklists.

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Fair Split


FairSplit provides the first online solution dedicated to listing, sharing and dividing the personal property of estate settlement or downsizing. It provides the families, and the professionals working with them, full transparency and a new efficient platform to figure out fairly, what can be sold or donated and a unique system of rounds to determine who gets what.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • 20% discount on Division upgrades from the Free Inventory to any Paid Division

  • 30 minute Zoom demo and Q&A with the founder for Subscribers and their teams

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Alaska Trust Company


Peak Trust Company, formerly Alaska Trust Company, was founded in 1997 and specializes in providing elevated trust and wealth management solutions set up under Alaska and Nevada law (asset protection trusts, perpetual trusts, etc.).

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DocuBank provides on-line electronic storage and access for health care directives. Clients pay a fee to DocuBank and are issued credit card size IDs for their wallets. A phone call provides 24/7 access to the archived document to hospitals and health care providers.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Complimentary access for the first two clients enrolled

  • 60% discount for any additional clients enrolled

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Leimberg Information Services


Leimberg Information Services (LISI) is a monthly subscription service providing financial service professionals fast, frank, and incisive analysis of proposed and recent legislation, regulations, cases, and rulings by experts in their respective fields.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Interactive Legal subscribers are entitled to an exclusive discount.

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Longbow Strategic Group


Longbow is a strategic marketing agency focused on Brand, Content and Digital.

Visit our PracticeDev offering—Protect, Promote, and Develop your Practice with IT, Internet Development and Promotion tailored to legal and financial professionals.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Discounted rate for InterActive Legal Subscribers

  • Gratis 30-minute Consult

Longbow PracticeDev
Krause Financial Services


Krause Financial Services is a pioneering, attorney-led financial services firm that specializes in crisis Medicaid planning through the use of Medicaid Compliant Annuities and other insurance products. With over 25 years of experience, we work with elder law attorneys and their clients to accelerate eligibility for benefits and provide relief from the financial hardship of long-term care.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Complimentary state-specific Medicaid Desk Reference within InterActive LegalSuite

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TrumpChimp Summits


Educational resources and summits designed to help attorneys master trusts as a planning tool in the context of public benefits such as Medicaid.

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Wolters Kluwer Law & Business


Legal education resources delivering vital insights, intelligent tools, and the guidance of subject-matter experts.

Subscriber Benefits:

20% discount on treatises by Thomas D. Begley, Jr.:

  • Special Needs Trust Handbook

  • Representing the Elderly Client: Law and Practice with CD

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Zola Suite

Zola Suite

Zola Suite features next generation case management capabilities + built-in email + built-in business and trust accounting + native iOS and Android apps + document automation. Zola Suite is Cloud 2.0 practice management with an interface that intersects lawyer-centric design and cutting edge technology to advance the practice and business of law.

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Business Network International

Business Network International

BNI's (Business Network International) mission is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

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We integrate with the services your practice already uses


Clio Manage

The InterActive LegalSuite Clio Manage Integration gives InterActive Legal subscribers the ability to quickly and easily create clients in their InterActive LegalSuite document drafting practice system by importing their Clio Manage contacts. This integration allows seamless import of the contact information and other details entered in Clio Manage (i.e., spouse, beneficiaries, and other parties) into a NEW InterActive LegalSuite Client Interview. When importing into ILS, subscribers are prompted to select a Matter from Clio that will be used as a reference for ILS to import the Client and any Related Contacts linked in that Matter. Clio Manage Integration is FREE for all InterActive LegalSuite subscribers that also subscribe to Clio Manage.

Summary of Benefits

  • Attorneys who subscribe to BOTH Clio Manage and InterActive Legal will enjoy enhanced efficiency during the client intake process.
  • Attorneys can now modernize their practice making it more efficient and effective.
  • Attorneys can enjoy digital onboarding that imports Clio Contact record into the InterActive LegalSuite drafting solution.
  • Automated Client Intake process saves time and money at your firm.

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InterActive Legal's Alliance Partnership with Yourefolio provides additional opportunities and resources for our valued subscribers. Whether you are looking for new referral opportunities, ways to collaborate with other professionals in the estate planning field, or a new tool to help you better serve your clients, this Alliance Partnership will benefit you.

Summary of Benefits

  • Client Import from Yourefolio to InterActive LegalSuite's Legacy platform
  • Exclusive Yourefolio Subscription DISCOUNT for InterActive Legal Subscribers

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Commonwealth Community Trust


Commonwealth Community Trust: A national nonprofit organization that provides administration of pooled special needs trust since 1990. CCT trust services are available nationwide to more than 1,100 clients.

Subscriber Benefits:

Documents to establish self-funded and third-party special needs trusts
Available to Elder Law Planning subscribers only

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HotDocs allows law firms to automate the generation of transactional legal documents—anything from standard correspondence to complex wills, trusts, and contracts.

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Lexis Nexis

Lexis Nexis

Reduce redundant keying of data with the seamless integration of Time Matters client, case, and document management software.

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InterActive LegalSuite has had a longstanding integration with Brentmark's Estate Planning Tools to aid in tax planning calculations.

ILS Legacy subscribers who have this software can draft these calculations documents from within the ILS SmartContent, keeping related calculation documents and graphs all within the ILS matter.

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House Estate Tax Proposal Requires Immediate Action

The House Democrats are proposing a $3.5 trillion spending plan. To support that package the Democrats have proposed tax increases to fund a large portion of that plan.

Speakers: Jonathan Blattmachr, Esq., Robert S. Keebler, CPA, and Martin Shenkman, Esq.

The House Ways and Means Committee just issued statutory language for the tax increase proposal, including dramatic changes to the transfer tax system. While the tax legislative process will no doubt evolve with many twists and turns, these proposals might be the blueprint for any final legislation. The implications of this are quite simple. Taxpayers who might be affected need to plan and take action now. If a client has been sitting on the tax planning fence waiting to see what will be enacted, this proposal suggests you advise them to jump off the fence and plan with haste. This webinar will explore the House proposal, what might happen, but most important, what advisers should discuss with clients now.

Preview of Upcoming 47th Annual Notre Dame Tax and Estate Planning Institute

This will be a fast-paced review of a wide range of practical planning ideas including: Freeze planning for GST exposed trusts and QTIP trusts; Installment sales to non-grantor trusts; Mathematics of charitable planning; Creative planning considering the changing political landscape; Beneficial interests in trusts and dissolution of marriage; Strategies to avoid ethical issues in estate planning; Diversity, equity, and inclusion-practical tips; SLAT tips; ERC and PPP; Agreements that protect clients and advisors: inheritance agreements, siblings agreements, and agreements with caretakers; and more.

Digital Assets Revisited: Preparing for the Tsunami

Digital assets have been on the radar of estate planners for many years, but their scope has recently expanded – exponentially.

The pandemic forced more people online than ever before, and each account, domain name, and other online presence may need to be addressed in some way when a client dies, or becomes incapacitated. Attorneys who both plan estates and administer them therefore need to understand the underlying issues related to different types of digital property.

Join us as experts in the area of digital assets cover the issues you should address with every client, and discuss helpful tools that may also assist with handling digital assets for your clients. The presenters will discuss:

  • The digitization of estate planning
  • How attorneys must adapt to new technology, or face being left behind
  • Digital asset problems in estate administration and how to handle them
  • How to handle digital assets when planning an estate – what to ask and what to look for
  • Why a standard provision in a Will or Trust may not be enough
  • Best practices
  • And more

Don’t miss this timely discussion of a topic that most of us may feel we have adequately covered, but actually may need to address in much more detail.

Digital Assets Revisited

Please Note: ILS subscribers have complimentary access to this video in the ILS Webinar Library. One more reason to become a subscriber

Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

Digital Subscription | by Natalie Choate

For more information, visit RetirementBenefitsPlanning

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