Elder Law Planning

Elder Law Planning is a comprehensive planning and drafting system for elder law attorneys.

This robust system aids in the planning phase and during preparation of documents outlining and executing the modern Medicaid strategies that provide the most benefit for your client.

Long-Term Wealth Preservation Strategies

Elder Law Planning™

Elder Law Planning™ from InterActive Legal is a comprehensive planning and drafting system for elder law and special needs planning attorneys. This robust system assists at every stage and includes all the estate planning and asset protection documents most planning attorneys will need as well as legal documents which help implement a client-centered plan.

  • Wills & Trusts
  • Trusts for Medicaid Asset Protection
  • Trusts for planning for Non-Service Connected Veterans Pension Benefits
  • Aid & Attendance
  • Surrogate Decision Making Documents
  • Third Party Special Needs Trusts
  • First Party Special Needs Trusts
  • Commonwealth Community Trust® Pooled Trust Documents
  • Strategy Specific Documents (Caretaker Child Affidavits, Promissory Notes and much more)
  • Checklists for common planning scenarios
  • Asset Protection Workflow Documents
  • Asset Protection Plan to provide to clients

Document Summary

Practice Management Materials

  • Initial Consultation Letter
  • Engagement Letter
  • Disengagement Letter
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Letter confirming contact information
  • Letter with documents for review
  • Client receipt for new documents
  • Letter to agent under a power of attorney
  • Memorandum with Estate Planning Q&A
  • Invoice for legal services
  • Long-term care insurance waiver
  • Signing appointment checklist
  • Document index for binder
  • Client letter of last instructions
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Nursing home evaluation checklist
  • Nursing home resource disclosure form

Estate Planning Memoranda

  • Transfers to Minors Planning Memo
  • Transfers in Trust vs. Outright Planning Memo
  • Using Wills vs. Revocable Trusts Planning Memo
  • Ownership of Life Insurance Planning memo

Estate Planning Marital Property Agreements

  • Separate Property Agreement
  • Partition Agreement
  • Spousal Agreement and Consent
  • Community Property Aggregate Theory Agreement (CA only)

Asset Protection Planning

  • Asset Protection Plan
  • Cover letter for Asset Protection Plan
  • 5-year Advance Planning

Medicaid Qualification Workflow

Worksheets containing client data collected for Medicaid Qualification planning

Medicaid Qualification Workflow Related Materials

  • Client Data
  • Income/Asset
  • Eligibility
  • Transfer/Spend Down
  • Medicaid Application

Elder Law Agreements and Plan Implementation Documents

Agreements for use in certain Medicaid planning situations

Estate Planning Documents

  • Wills
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Joint Revocable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts

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