InterActive LegalSuite™ Online Technical Specifications

​Updated January 24, 2023


The new online version of InterActive LegalSuite (ILS), is a completely online solution.  All data entered into the online version is encrypted and stored on secure servers maintained by InterActive Legal and hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), with redundant backups. All application functions other than storage of assembled documents are performed online and do not require users to have a separate installation of HotDocs. Assembled documents are downloaded directly to the user’s computer or device and are not stored on InterActive Legal servers.

For an overview of security relating to the online application, please see the Security Overview

Please note, this document only applies to the online platform available at and does not apply to the ILS desktop (“Legacy”) application.  Separate Technical Requirements are maintained for the Legacy application continue to apply.  ILS Legacy application subscribers, please contact your sales representative for a copy of the technical requirements pertaining to your installation. 

Technical Requirements 

The ILS online platform is completely browser based and works in most commonly used web browsers. 


  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (chromium-based), Brave, or Opera. (Other browsers may work with the application, but are not supported) 
  • JavaScript enabled 
  • Word processing software capable of opening .docx files, e.g. Word for Windows or Mac, WordPerfect, or WPS. (Note:  The ILS word processing toolbar currently is supported only on Word for Windows) 
  • Google Docs is not fully supported; users may experience formatting issues 
  • Ability to open and view .pdf files 
  • Each user must have their own email address that will be used for their online account and sign in 

The following browsers are not supported: 

  • Internet Explorer 
  • Edge Legacy (dated prior to the April 13, 2021 release of the chromium-based version of Edge) 

Supported Devices 

The new ILS will work on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux environments with the supported browsers, and has been successfully tested on iPad Pro, iPad mini, and Android tablets.  We recommend using the site while in landscape mode. 

Supported Tablet Versions: 

  • Android 5+ 
  • iOS 10+ 

The site has also been tested to work on mobile phones with the above browsers but is not optimized for mobile phone viewing and usage.  Supported tablets and devices with larger screens are recommended.  Occasional issues may occur in accessing the site due to browser configurations and settings. Please report any issues to the ILS Technical Support team by email: [email protected]

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