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Our primary objective is to empower Estate and Elder Law practitioners with the same practice techniques and knowledge as the best lawyers in the country.

We believe in using technology to make ideas, techniques, and synergies between bright people better than would otherwise be possible. By collaborating with some of the nation’s most renowned estate planning and elder law experts, we provide our subscribers with the most sophisticated knowledge-based system including breakthrough planning strategies, information, and ongoing professional development.

These foundation principles enable us to build upon our innovative edge while ensuring that new products and features meet the ever-growing needs of industry professionals, delivering a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix.


Picture: Jonathan G. Blattmachr

Jonathan G. Blattmachr
Editor in chief/InterActive Legal


Picture: Steven Palumbo

Steven Palumbo

Picture: Lisa Briley

Lisa Briley


Picture: Teresa L. Bush

Teresa L. Bush
Attorney/Content Specialist

Picture: Vanessa L. Kanaga

Vanessa L. Kanaga
Attorney/Content Specialist

Picture: Letha Sgritta McDowell, CELA

Letha Sgritta McDowell, CELA
Director of Legal Strategy

Picture: Matthew Tove

Matthew Tove
Director, Marketing & Sales

Picture: Deanne McDougall

Deanne McDougall
Customer Relations Coordinator

Picture: Linda Moses

Linda Moses
Implementation & Training Manager

Picture: Eugenie Amalfitano

Eugenie Amalfitano
Senior Software Engineer

Picture: Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller
Finance Analyst

Picture: Steve Derden

Steve Derden
IT Support

Picture: Stephen Zapatka

Stephen Zapatka
Systems Administrator

Picture: Ross Parrett

Ross Parrett
Programmer/Analyst, Forum Administrator

Picture: Deslin Hinkson

Deslin Hinkson
Senior Application Developer

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying

Amos Goodall

"An attorney practicing elder law without the benefit of sophisticated software is foolhardy. On the other hand, an attorney who blindly plugs a client’s information into canned forms does his clients a disservice. InterActive Legal, with its unparalleled support and comprehensive draft documents that are fully and easily customized to fit clients’ personal situations, allows me to practice law efficiently and effectively. My clients deserve no less."

H. Amos Goodall, Jr., Esquire, LL.M., CELA
Goodall & Yurchak, P.C. - State College, PA

R. Hal Moorman

"I have been using InterActive Legal for a number of years. Like any technology, there is a learning curve, but they have an excellent staff to help you when you can’t figure something out. The forms can be as sophisticated or as simple as you desire. Because it is a system, it prompts you to make decisions as you do your drafting. If you don’t understand the question, the system has a tutorial to help you understand why it is asking you a question. The system is upgraded on a continual basis. I highly recommend it."

R. Hal Moorman
Moorman, Tate, Haley, Upchurch & Yates, L.L.P.

John J. Scroggin

"I can’t live without your wonderful Listserv!"

John J. Scroggin
Scroggin & Company, Counselors At Law

Dale Ann Kaiser

"I researched all the estate planning drafting systems on the market before purchasing ILS Wealth Transfer Planning. It is by far the best drafting system in terms of both the estate planning documents themselves and the resources and expertise available to users. ILS allows me to do sophisticated documents and, as a side benefit, I also use ILS for research and education."

Dale Ann Kaiser
Kaiser Law Group

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