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Founded by renowned Trusts and Estates attorneys, Jonathan G. Blattmachr and Michael L. Graham, InterActive Legal provides the solutions necessary to tackle complex 21st century planning challenges. Our flexible, intuitive planning systems help you develop plans individually tailored to your client’s unique circumstances in the context of current federal and state laws.

Estate Planning and Elder Law professionals have been turning to us as their main resource for learning and staying current on the latest legal planning strategies. We provide the most comprehensive productivity system on the market which includes an easy-to-use document assembly, extensive continuing education program, thought-provoking discussion forums, and more.


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Sophisticated software to help you develop plans tailored to your client's unique circumstances.

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Wealth Transfer Planning™

The most sophisticated planning and drafting system available. The most discerning Estate Planners know it’s the right solution for their practice because it allows them to plan with confidence, considering all the variables for their clients in the context of current laws in any of the 50 states.

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Elder Law Planning™

A new breed of comprehensive planning and drafting system for elder law attorneys. This system offers aid both in the planning phase as well as during preparation of documents outlining and executing the modern Medicaid strategies which provide the most benefit for your client.

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Essential Estate Planning™

Our most cost-effective estate planning and drafting system, Essentials Estate Planning is designed for managing the needs of clients of modest wealth. This system helps you manage a large amount of transactional work and contains a collection of forms, each one featuring many options to meet most clients’ planning needs.

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Retirement Benefits Planning

Navigate the complex rules and administrative processes involved in designating the beneficiary or beneficiaries of your client’s retirement plans (including qualified plans and IRAs) with forms developed by Natalie B. Choate.

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