Heckerling 2023

57th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning

January 9-13, 2023, Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Florida

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Many thanks to our subscribers, future subscribers, and wonderful staff for making the 57th annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning a great success!

InterActive Legal CEO, Vanessa Kanaga, highlights the impact of the annual Heckerling Conference on the estate planning industry.

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Meet our 2023 Heckerling Team

Michael L. Graham, Esq.
Chairman, Co-Founder, and Co-Author of Wealth Transfer Planning™

Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Esq.
Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder, and Co-Author of Wealth Transfer Planning™

Teresa Bush

Teresa L. Bush, Esq.
Attorney, Director of Education and Support Services

Elizabeth Q. Boehmcke, Esq.
Attorney, Director of Content Development

Whitney LeFeiste, Esq.
Content Development Attorney


Deslin Simmons
Senior Application Developer


Amanda Boardman
Content Support Specialist


Steven Palumbo
Regional Sales Consultant


Lisa Briley
Regional Sales Consultant

Matt Tove
Director of Marketing and Sales

Two Reasons to Consider Automated Document Generation

Make More Money:
Automate Drafting Estate Planning Documents

Deirdre Wheatley-Liss Esq. and Martin M. Shenkman Esq. 

Document Generation’s Impact on Billing and Practice Management: It’s More Than Just Documents
Jonathan G. Blattmachr Esq. and Martin M. Shenkman Esq. 

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Your Married Clients Need Another Trust: A Supercharged Credit Shelter Trust
January 10, 2023
By InterActive Legal

InterActive Legal unveils proposed Retirement Benefits language changes incorporating Proposed Regulations

Proposed Retirement Benefits Provisions
January 6, 2023
By InterActive Legal Content Team 

SECURE 2.0 Opens Door for Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (“QLAC”)
January 5, 2023
By Stephen J. Silverberg, Esq., CELA, Fellow, Cap, AEP®

Alaska Community Property – Gateway to a Powerful Estate Planning Tool
December 21, 2022
By Brandon J. Cintula, Jonathan G. Blattmachr, and Abigail E. O’Connor

Analysis of SECURE Act Proposed Regulations
March 21, 2022
By InterActive Legal

Flex Your Beneficiaries: How to Reduce Income Taxes and Maintain Creditor Protection
January 19, 2022
By Jonathan G. Blattmachr Esq. and Elizabeth Q. Boehmcke Esq.

IRS Notice 2022-53 – What it Means for Estate Planners
Oct 11, 2022
By InterActive Legal Content Team 

Be a Great Attorney; Anticipate the Needs of Your Clients
Jul 22, 2022
By Vanessa L. Kanaga Esq. 


Join our experts as they share essential valuable information on hot topics relevant to your practice and clients. Our presenters include revered estate planning and elder law attorneys, such as Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Martin M. Shenkman, Letha Sgritta McDowell, and Scott Solkoff.

Current SLAT Planning Ideas to Better Serve Clients, SECURE Exemption, and More!

Jonathan G. Blattmachr Esq. and Martin M. Shenkman Esq. Sep 21, 2022

Helping Families Deal with LGBTQ Issues

By Vanessa L. Kanaga Esq.Elizabeth Schwartz and Timothy Volk Sep 14, 2022

Roundtable Event

Tune in to our Roundtable events, where legends in Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Special Needs Planning consider and debate best practices to serve you and your clients.

Attracting and Retaining Today’s Elder Law Clientele

By Letha Sgritta McDowell CELACourtney Petley LCSW C-ASWCMTodd Whatley CELAScott M. Solkoff Esq and Sky Bergman Jul 27, 2022

Winners of our Heckerling Booth Raffle

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