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NYSBA Trust & Estate Law Section 2023 Fall Meeting

Be sure to stop by InterActive Legal's exhibit booth to find out why Estate Planning and Elder Law professionals turn to us as their main resource for the latest planning strategies. We provide the most comprehensive productivity system on the market with an easy-to-use document drafting system, extensive continuing education, thought-provoking discussion forums, and more.

Drafting “Separate” and “Single” Trusts in InterActive Legal

All InterActive Legal Wills and Trusts allow the drafter to incorporate trusts for individuals with various terms.  When planning for descendants or nieces and nephews, the drafter selects between "Separate Trusts" and a "Single Trust," but those labels may not be self-explanatory.  In this webinar, we'll first discuss what we mean by the terms Separate Trusts and Single Trusts, how they are designed, and how they differ, with the objective of making it easier to decide which is appropriate in a specific drafting situation.  We will then go through the drafting options for each type of trust, including selections for when a trust terminates, powers of appointment, SNT options, conduit/accumulation trust provisions, and more.

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