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Support and Customer Service measures during COVID-19

Updated May 6, 2020

InterActive Legal is fully operational

During this unprecedented time, in which all of us are heeding the call to protect ourselves and our communities through measures including social distancing and remote work arrangements, we know that our InterActive Legal subscribers need our support. They need our drafting systems to continue providing top-notch, efficient service to their clients who need them now more than ever. They need guidance from our Technical Support and Customer Service teams to help them access those systems remotely. They need the support of our Drafting Services team to help them serve the needs of all clients, and they need our Content experts to support them as they draft.

Our subscribers will continue to work hard for those who need them, and in turn they will continue to thrive. We stand behind them, and are honored to serve them by continuing to offer the exceptional support and service for which InterActive Legal is known.

In order to provide the best service possible, we are providing the following guidance for InterActive Legal subscribers who need support during this time. If you are not a current InterActive Legal subscriber, and are interested in the resources we provide to support your practice, please reach out to us at

If you are looking for a resource on Executive Orders and legislation addressing remote signing, we encourage you to see the chart published by the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC). Click here to view chart on the ACTEC website.

Technical and Content Support

To protect our InterActive Legal team, and meet our responsibility to protect others, nearly all of our staff will work remotely, beginning the week of March 23. InterActive Legal places a priority on finding the best minds and talent when hiring. For that reason, our team members are located throughout the country, and many work remotely on a permanent basis. Our comfort with this virtual environment will allow us to provide nearly seamless service to our subscribers during this time. However, this shift in working environment for our Melbourne, Florida staff will cause some small changes in our support processes.

In order to ensure the best and most timely response to technical and content support questions, we are asking subscribers to pose questions via e-mail, to the extent possible.

Please e-mail technical questions to
Questions relating to program content should be directed to

A member of our team will respond to questions submitted via e-mail as soon as possible during regular support hours, and will arrange to speak by phone or connect in an online support session as needed.

We anticipate that online and phone support will be available as well, during regular support hours.

Technical Support may be reached at (321) 252-0100 (Option 1).
Content Support is available at (321) 252-0100 (Option 2).
Online support is available at

Please note that response times may be slower when submitting questions via phone or online support. If directed to voicemail, please leave a message so that the next available member of our support team may return your call. Online and phone support systems are also susceptible to network outages, the duration and extent of which may be out of our control.

Regular support hours are 8:30am – 5:30pm ET, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Support for Remote Access

Subscribers working from home who need remote access to a work computer on which InterActive LegalSuite is installed should work with their IT team or provider to help set up remote access to the InterActive LegalSuite application. For subscribers who do not have access to IT support, we are providing the following recommendations for remote access software to help connect to the work desktop installation:

GoToMyPC — (7-day Free Trial, Monthly Fee)
RemotePC — (Monthly Fee)
TeamViewer — (Free)

We strongly recommend remote access, as outlined above; however, if you are unable to use such software and have a Windows computer at home, our Technical Support team may be able to install a second copy of InterActive LegalSuite to your home computer.

Please be aware that at this time, the second copy of ILS will not sync with ILS at your office. Clients and matters you create at home will not show up at your office and vice versa.

If you find that none of these options work for you, or for assistance with a second installation on a home computer, please reach out to our Technical Support team using the contact information above, and we will do our best to keep you drafting documents with ILS.

Training and Education

All training classes and monthly Subscriber Drafting Webinars will continue as scheduled, unless otherwise noted. We will also continue to provide quality education and discussion of hot topics through frequent webinars presented and sponsored by InterActive Legal.

Please visit our Events page for more detail and the current webinar schedule.

Please visit our Training page to view the upcoming training schedule and register for classes.

For information on training and other onboarding resources, please contact our Customer Service team using the information below.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team will be available to answer questions regarding subscriptions and renewals, assist with training and webinar registrations, and otherwise assist with general matters relating to subscriber accounts.

In order to ensure the best and most timely service, please e-mail our Customer Service team at

We anticipate that customer service will be available by phone as well, during regular support hours.

For customer service questions, please call (321) 252-0100 (Option 3).

Please note that response times may be slower when submitting questions via phone. If directed to voicemail, please leave a message so that the next available member of our Customer Service team may return your call. Phone support is also susceptible to network outages, the duration and extent of which may be out of our control.

Regular customer service hours are 8:30am – 5:30pm Eastern, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Drafting Services

Our Drafting Services team is available to help subscribers who need extra support in drafting due to excess workflow. In some instances, Drafting Services may be available for documents outside of the subscriber's usual practice system.

For additional information, please visit our Drafting Services page, or contact our Drafting Services team at


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