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Join our experts as they share essential valuable information on hot topics relevant to your practice and clients. Our presenters include revered estate planning and elder law attorneys, such as Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Howard Zaritsky, Michael Graham, and Andrew Hook.

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Make More Money: Automate Drafting Estate Planning Documents

You CAN automate the drafting of estate planning in your practice. Regardless of the size or complexity of client matters you handle, automation will (yes “will”!) make you more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.  With automation you can concentrate on what you enjoy most, legal work, not proofreading, office administration and other…

ESG Investing in Trusts

InterActive Legal CEO, Vanessa Kanaga moderates a webinar on ESG Trusts (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance). Topics will include a brief history of ESG investing, the current framework for choosing and

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