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2020 Estate Planning Challenges and Opportunities

Speakers Carlyn S. McCaffrey and Jonathan Blattmachr discuss current trends in Estate Planning as the 2020 Presidential election looms.

Tax Rules You MUST Know When Using Trusts (Medicaid Planning or Otherwise)

Creating trusts for estate planning and Medicaid planning is an essential tool for every estate planning and elder law attorney. However, any time a trust is created, there are income tax consequences that could be both unexpected and detrimental to the client’s overall financial picture. Join Elder Law experts Bob Mason and Letha McDowell for an online webinar covering income tax (and other) issues that are important to consider when creating trusts for Medicaid planning.

8 Tech Traps and Tips Every Practitioner Must Know

Practitioners have had to reimagine their firms with remote work environments, and soon a new form of office environment that will include remote work. Practitioners must balance the needs of the partners and staff with the safety and protection of the firm’s data. The firm is ultimately responsible for its own data security as well as client data they store.

Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

Digital Subscription | by Natalie Choate

For more information, visit RetirementBenefitsPlanning

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